Hi, I'm Sarah, I have been part of the textile, fashion and apparel industry all my working life.

I have achieved many 3rd level and post graduate qualifications in Clothing and Fashion management, none of which really taught me how to actually make anything! (BSc Clothing Management and C(Text) ATI from the Textile Institute to name a few)

Making has always been a natural part of me from I was no age, making for my Barbie, to today making and altering wedding dresses for slightly panicked brides!

The sewing, tailoring and craft skills I have are largely self taught from years and years of careful sewing and experience.

I have a brilliant sunny studio in beautiful County Down, Northern Ireland. It’s full of machines, fabrics, beads, bits and bobs and my heart is never more content than when in there.

I am very exacting in my work, precise and careful. Everything I make is of a high standard and made with great care and attention.

I manage repetition by turning up the radio and treating each button like it’s a mini masterpiece that must be perfect. I lose myself in the creative flow of making something come together out of nothing.